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The Shutter East Village Edition: Persimmon, Tasti

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1) Fork in the Road notes that Persimmon Kimchi House appears to have shuttered. The neo-Korean restaurant at 277 East 10th Street was opened in May 2008 by Momofuku alum Youngsun Lee. The restaurant's phone number and website are down, and a walkby today by an Eater operative reveals the signage has been removed from the windows. A neighbor reports that it has been closed for "3 or 4 weeks," speculating that the fixed price restaurant's "one seating a day made it hard for them to make a go of it". The tables inside are still set, so it could just be a reno, but it's not likely. [Fork in the Road]

2) In other EVill news, Jeremiah Moss posts a photo of the Store for Rent sign that has gone up in the window of the Tasti-D-Lite at 150 Second Avenue, across the street from 16 Handles. The owner tells Eater he will be moving to another spot in the East Village due to a rent increase, but he's not yet sure where. [JVNY]
—Leah Herman