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Food Feuds: Mr. Chow Takes Philippe Chow to Court

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The long running feud between restaurateur Michael Chow—owner of the chain of high end Chinese eateries Mr Chow—and Philippe Chow, his former employee and the current owner of chain Philippe, came to a head when the two restaurateurs planned eateries within 100 yards of each other in Miami. Now Mr. Chow, who claims Philippe had nothing to do with his menu during his 27 year tenure, is suing:

"Mr. Chow is demanding damages, partly in the form of a share of profits Philippe has earned using the Chow name. 'Philippe has aggressively and shamelessly worked to confuse people into thinking our restaurants are connected, even to the point of referring to himself as 'Mr. Chow,'' Michael told The Post."
It's unclear whether Michael's claim will really hold water in court, but Philippe did kind of have this one coming, given he's been provoking his former employer in the blogs.
UPDATE: Here's the pdf of the complaint.
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