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Top Chef Masters Magic Offers Nuela Sneak Peek

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Last night chef Douglas Rodriguez, owner of the upcoming Flatiron restaurant Nuela appeared as one of the seasoned chefs on Top Chef Masters (more on the full episode later, but yes, this spoiler proved to be true). In the intro, when Tom and Gail talk about how fabulous the chefs are and cameras show these stars expedited and sometimes even cooking on the line, Rodriguez names his growing empire of restaurants and shows a picture of what viewers are meant to believe is Nuela, complete with tables, white cushy chairs, and a wall-sized photograph.

Interesting because Nuela, set to open last summer in the old Sapa spot, is now scheduled to debut this September, and as of two days ago, it looked like the photo to the right. It's TV magic! Regardless of how it looks, when it opens, there had better be a flaming coconut on the menu.
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