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EaterWire: Fort Defiance Booze, Biff Grimes Rumors

DISASTERS— MSN shares the tragic news that an explosion (a flavor explosion!) shut down the country's only Slim Jim factory last month. None have been produced since the incident. [MSN via SE]

THE DINING SECTION— The Feedbag hears that former restaurant critic William Grimes will takeover as interim critic when Frank Bruni leaves his post this August. Given Grimes also has a book coming out, is by no means anonymous, and has gone on the record saying there is zero possibility of him being asked back, Gothamist doubts this rumor. [TFB; Gothamist]

RED HOOK—The Feed reports that Fort Defiance the current cafe/future restaurant and cocktail bar from a former food writer and Pegu Club bartender got its liquor license: "He should receive the document tomorrow, and plans to extend his hours starting Friday, July 17. With the change will come his 1940s-style cocktails inspired by world adventurer Charles H. Baker Jr." [The Feed]

WEST VILLAGE— Grub Street has some fun plywood news about Highlands, the Scottish restaurant moving into the old P*ong space on West 10th St.: "The partners are a couple of Double Crown employees, Brian McGrory and Mary Wane...they plan to introduce folks to Scottish food beyond the usual fish and chips (there’ll be no emphasis on frying here) as well as showcase indigenous libations beyond Scotch." [GS]

Highlands Bar

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