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Ballpark Frank: Aldea

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Following the retirement of Eater's longtime BruniBetting feature, our fascination with the Times critic's critical doings remains strong. As does yours, one presumes. Herewith, your help is requested as we Ballpark Frank.

[Horine, 5/8/09]

In addition to a piece on New York's pizza explosion, Biggity Bruni will weigh in on George Mendes' Aldea tomorrow. After a minor two year delay, Mendes opened his "modern Iberian" spot in a narrow, two story minimalistic space on West 17th Street just under two months ago, and the place has been swarming with critics, bloggers, and food world types ever since. Below, we seek your opinion on what he'll have to say about Aldea. And after the jump: background and critical history. [Aldea, after 8 PM; NYT]

Background: Designed by the folks who did Corton, the space is minimal and clean, but not cold, and the open kitchen is one of the better ones (as far as the diner is concerned) in the city. It's not hard to drop significant cash here, and yes there are foams and precious presentation. But having served at both Bouley and Tocqueville, anticipation has been running high for Mendes' solo project.

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