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In a Pickle: Guss' Must Change its Name When it Leaves LES

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Earlier this week, news broke that storied institution Guss' Pickles was leaving the Lower East Side after 90 years due to decreased business, higher rents, and a changing neighborhood. Now, the Daily News reports that owner Pat Fairhurst will not be allowed to bring the Guss' name with her when she moves to Borough Park in a few months. In the '07 settlement of a lawsuit between Fairhurst and Andrew Leibowitz—an heir to the United Pickle fortune who bought the rights to the name and the pickle recipe from Guss' previous owners— it was decided that Fairhurst could keep the name Guss', but only at the Orchard Street location. A sad day for pickles and a reminder that the Curbed network-wide boycott of United Pickle is still going strong.
· Lawsuit forces famed pickle dealer Guss' Pickles to change its name [NYDN via Curbed]

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