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End Times: Village Can No Longer Support 2 Max Brenners

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Back when times were flush, it was no big thing to Starbucks to run three branches at Astor Place. And so, it really wasn't all too much of a shocker that European chocolate shop/child magnet/goose egged brunch spot Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man ran two shops within five minutes of one another. Because sometimes walking all the way to Union Square from 2nd Avenue to get a $7 hot chocolate is such an inconvenience.

Gothamist shares the news that, as was the case with the 'Bucks, the cannibalizing business model doesn't fly in times like these. The 2nd Ave. at East 9th St. Max Brenner has closed. It's always sad when jobs are lost, but this kind of fat trimming is really one of the silver linings of the recession. EV Grieve is taking bets on which bank will move into the space.
· Max Brenner Closes on 2nd Avenue [Gothamist]
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