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In Full Page Advertorial, Bouley Strives for Small Ego

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The glowing text above, from the September issue of Saveur, that calls David Bouley's food "exhilarating," his personality "irascible," is not editorial content for the magazine. It's a big ol' ad for the still under construction Japanese cooking school he plans to open in the old Secession/Danube space. Framed as a q&a, the best part is when the ad asks Bouley, "How has Japanese cuisine influenced your cooking?" His response:

It's not necessarily the ingredients themselves...It's about the respect Japanese chefs have for them. For many Western chefs, food is 75 perfect ingredients, 25 percent ego. In Japan, it's 98 percent ingredients, 2 percent ego—maybe even less.
And what percentage of ego must one have to take out a full page ad for themselves in Saveur?
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