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Good Signs: Telepan Looking to Open Wine Bar

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Upper West Side: Yesterday a piece in Crain's noted that Upper West Sider Compass has experienced a 12% rise in customers and revenue in the last month. And it looks like neighbor to the west Telepan isn't suffering the way some might expect from a high end restaurant on the UWS. Flo Fab reports that owner Bill Telepan is going to go the Kurt Gutenbrunner route and plans on opening a wine bar near his restaurant. Currently he and his partners are eyeing the space that once held Elite Cafe at 185 Columbus Avenue. Plans aren't solidified, but this fancy chef opening a wine bar trend is much preferable to the fancy chef opening a burger/pizza/nacho emporium fad.
· Looking Ahead: Bill Telepan Expects to Open a Wine Bar [~E~]

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