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Guss' on the Move! Pickle Palace to Leave LES after 90 Years

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Lower East Side: The Lo-Down reports the heartbreaker that iconic Lower East Side pickle palace Guss' Pickles, is moving its half-sours out of the neighborhood and into Brooklyn after 90 years:

"Patricia says she's running out of room and can't afford rent for a bigger space in the neighborhood since it's changed so much. When the city put a Muni Meter directly in front of her pickle barrels, blocking customers' access, it was the last straw."
Reps at the pickle store confirm that they're moving in "a few months" to a new storefront on 39th Street between 14th and 15th Aves., waaaaay the hell out in Brooklyn between Borough Park and Kensington. But before the mourning, a little background.

The matter of Guss' can't really be discussed without mentioning the brouhaha that took place back in '06. The Patricia mentioned above bought the Guss' Pickle store on Orchard and Broome in 2004, but only after Andrew N. Leibowitz, part of a major pickle family owning United Pickle, allegedly bought the rights to the old pickle recipe and the name from the previous owner for his Guss' in Long Island. They sued and counter-sued each other, devastating the surviving daughters of Izzy Guss and leading to an Eater boycott of United Pickle.

But in the end, regardless of who is or was selling the "authentic" pickles, Guss' LES stand is a landmark-caliber institution, and it is a shame it's slinking off into the nether regions of BK.
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