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Total Insanity: Commerce Restaurant to go Cashless

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Bad news for mobsters, drug dealers, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Following up on a Gael Greene tweet, Eater learns from Tony Zazula, the owner of West Village restaurant Commerce, that starting in September, they will no longer accept cash. That's right: they will no longer accept our standard monetary unit, the good old American greenback. Though an email sent to Greene cited an uptick in West Village robberies, Zazula says that's not the main reason why. "It's because so little of our business is done in cash," he says, "It's the age of electronic transfers. There's no reason to have two systems. It's not so revolutionary...I think most businesses will probably be cashless in he next decade." Well, it will cut down on bank runs. It's just a funny move for a restaurant called Commerce.
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