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Freak Outs: David Burke May Go to Jail for Assault

According to his alleged victim and a police report, last month chef David Burke—known in the restaurant industry as a bit of a loose canon—punched his driver repeatedly and slammed his head in the trunk of the car when he asked to go home to celebrate his wife's birthday, while Burke was out bar hopping in New Jersey. The Post reports that Burke faces up to six months in jail if found guilty.

Says the driver, who, natch, plans on suing for $1 million in damages, "He called me a piece of s- - -, - - -hole, lazy mother - - - - - -, which wasn't unusual. He said, 'Give me the keys. You walk home.'" Then came the punching, head slamming, etc. For his part, Burke denies the assault ever took place—though he does cop to the insults. On the bright side, at least he didn't grope anyone.
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