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Joe Isidori Leaves Harbour For Good, Eyes new Spaces

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Soho West: In early June, news broke that Joe Isidori, the Michelin starred chef at Soho West's Harbour, was leaving for a month for health reasons. The announcement came just six months into the chef's tenure there and just weeks after receiving fairly favorable reviews from Platt, Bruni, and the RG. Now it turns out that his departure is permanent. Reps for the restaurant confirm that due to his severe health problems—Isidori suffers from hypertension—the owner and the chef decided it would be best for him to leave for good. (They say the decision was mutual but Eater has yet to hear from Isidori on the subject.) Chef Anthony Fusco, who's been running the show for the last month and who has been with the restaurant since day one, will take over as head chef permanently.

Meanwhile, a landlord in the Village tells us Isidori has been looking at spaces for a new restaurant for the last week. Looks like this isn't the last New York has seen of the young chef.
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