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Kings of Williamsburg Will Close Bonita on August 15

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The full Friday Shutter Report is coming up shortly, but first this Williamsburg PSA via Brooklyn Based. Bonita restaurant, the six year-old Bedford Ave. Mexican staple, will close after service on August 15. Though it seems like only good things can happen to Kings of Williamsburg Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth, the owners of the Diner/Marlow & Sons/Bonita/Marlow & Daughters complex, it seems they've hit a rare stumbling block. According to BB, they've "long had a contentious relationship with the landlord" and are frustrated by their inability to get a liquor license in the space. And one can only assume that having the (let's be real, far superior) new Mexican spot, La Superior just down the block can't be helping things. No word on whether a reopening is in the works.
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85 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211