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Hilarious Slams: A Problem with the "Air" at Hotel Griffou

To preface the following excerpt it must be said that a lot of positive early reviews have come in for hip West 9th Street newcomer Hotel Griffou. The place, run by Freemans, Waverly Inn, and Pastis alums, should not be written off. That said, this Yelp review—one of the weirdest slams in recent memory—should be shared:

"And finally, a few comments on the 'air'. Yes, that's right, something that I can say I rarely notice when dining out, since 'air' is just 'air'. But this air...this air was of a magical sorts, complete with a humidity level that rises above the rest, and that slight tinge of dampness to go with. I was cheerfully reminded of the basement in my childhood home across the river, where dad put in a good year or so finishing that baby...nice faux oak wood paneling, following by stain resistant carpet, 18' by 18' drop ceiling tile, recessed lights no doubt, none of this track junk, regulation size pool table on one side, tan leather couches on the other, RCA's latest 35 inch picture tube in the corner, you feelin' me...and finally that smell...a smell that dual GE dehumidifiers couldn't even tackle...I always wondered why my mom never let me eat in the basement, now I know why."
Can you smell it? The review paints such a happy scene it almost boomerangs it into a rave.
· Hotel Griffou [Yelp]

Hotel Griffou

21 West 9th Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

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