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ALERT: West Village Diner Legend Joe Jr's May Shutter

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Unfortunate breaking news this AM: via Twitter and Serious Eats, word that longtime—45 years, for those scoring at home—West Village diner Joe Jr's has lost its lease, and, barring divine intervention of some sort, will close. Per an email from author David Kamp to Ed Levine: "They have big handwritten signs in the window saying they've lost their lease. They are asking people to sign a petition to save Joe Jr. and to 'spread the word,' I guess in hopes of pressuring the landlord not to cut them loose."

Eater operatives are en route to the scene at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 12th. Please do not adjust your settings as we commence tracking of yet another of these too, too depressing tales.
· Is West Village Joe Jr's About to be History? [Serious Eats]

UPDATE: The putative closing date, per signage: Sunday, July 5. Whoa.

UPDATE II: First shot of the teary shutter signage. More to follow.

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