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FW: Standard Grill's Aggressive Door Policy

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, July 17 2009
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Standard Grill's Aggressive Door Policy


I just wanted to write in to tell you about the absolutely appalling experience my friend and I had at the new Standard Hotel Grill on the west side. We showed up around 7 to grab a drink before dinner. There was a man standing at the door asking people what they were looking for. We said we wanted to have a drink at the bar. He says, “we are very crowded right now at the bar?” so we asked if we could have a table outside. As we were looking at the empty tables, he responds arrogantly that he doesn’t know if there’s any availability and that he is sure that there’s a wait. So my friend asks if we could at least go inside and put our names in, and he reluctantly decides that this is okay.

When we get inside, we just wanted to take a quick look at the bar, so we start walking towards it (the bar is crowded but not absurdly so), and he actually follows us inside, chases after us, and says “ladies you said you were going to put your name in at the bar.” My friend says, we wanted to have a look at the bar, being as it is new and everything. And he goes, “you could have looked in the windows.” We said, not with the curtains hanging in front of them! And then we stormed out with him on our tails. As we were leaving, my friend turns around and said, “You know, that was extremely rude.” His response was, “so is lying.”

The Standard Grill

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