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BOOM: Bruni Drops Memoir Sneak Peek in Times Mag

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The big BruniBook doesn't come out until August, but if the sneak peek here wasn't enough to whet the appetite, Bruni runs a nine page adaptation in the Times' magazine this weekend. Focusing on the critic's lifelong struggle with weight, the passage spans from his early life when F.B. stood for Fat Boy to his college years, when he finally gave up the nasty bulimia habit (but not the weight obsession). Sadly, no fun restaurant gossip, costume changes, or accounts of El Chod; but to make up for it there's a Bruni slideshow (!) complete with a bathing suit pic and hilarious music. He talks Atkins, fasts, the swim team, and, of course, bulimia:

"if a person just threw up the occasional meal, the meal that had gotten out of hand, well, what was the harm in that? And consider the benefits. My willpower could waver, I could gobble down more than I had meant to, and I wouldn’t have to go to bed haunted by the looming toll on my waistline or wake up the next morning owing the gods of weight management even more of a sacrifice than I owed them the day before. Throwing up was my safety valve. My mulligan."
Yum! He's going to make you wait for the real thing to hear about the running, the pilates, the biking, the love affairs, and oh yes, the restaurants.
· I was a Baby Bulimic [NYT Mag]
· Bruniocalypse: The Bruni Memoir is Revealed [~E~]

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