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EaterWire: Patsy's Deal, Appleman in NYC Rumors

SAN FRANCISCO— SF's rising star Nate Appleman has suddenly left his hit restaurant A16 and SPQR. Rumor has it he's contemplating a move to New York. [ESF; GS]

HARLEM— To celebrate their 76th anniversary, Patsy's will serving 90¢ steak, 60¢ pizza pies, and 1¢ sodas on August 26th. As a bonus, "the NYPD and the FDNY will have a pizza-eating challenge. 118th Street and First Avenue will officially be renamed 'Patsy's Way.'" This year seating is limited, so call now. [Slice]

NOHO— Some Pinche minutia from the tipline: "...went to the Mott St Pinche last night and one of the dudes told me that they are thinking about redoing it - taking away the benches along the walls and putting small tables so that three people could sit around the tables rather than currently when you sort of have to sit in one row on the benches. (and people could also push tables together for larger groups, ec) Also they are contemplating making the front window into a takeout window to help the flow, which I think is a fab idea." [EaterWire]
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