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Koi Unleashes its Salvation Army Plans on the Bowery!

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photo via
photo via
EV Grieve

Bowery: In the first of what one can only assume will be many steps that upscale sushi lounge Koi will take to appease the residents of the Bowery and the members of Community Board 3, the powers that be at the restaurant have invited the locals to listen to their pitch for the Salvation Army/East Village Residence space. They'll be holding a talk at Sala restaurant this Thursday, four days before their scheduled CB3 meeting, to introduce their brand, menu, and team and explain how they'll convert the men's sleeping quarters into a private party space.

And as a bonus they've offered renderings of what this corner will look like once it's fully and finally gentrified! Check out those potted plants, the Gemma-like overhang. And inside, that crazy wooden wall piece!
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