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The Shutter: The Decline and Fall of Studio B

Yes, it's finally over. In an email sent out this week, Studio B announced that after a final weekend of parties, they'll be closing Sunday. BUT, the rooftop that has been the root of many of the venue's problems will be open until then! In fact, it will factor majorly in the goodbyes (there's a tropical hotdog cookout there on Sunday). So, to mark the end of this epic deathwatch, a time line tracking the trials and travails of the most influential club to ever piss off the neighbors in Greenpoint. And remember: if you go on Saturday night, don't forget the dress code: "Fellahs - Knee high tube socks, neon tanktops, headbands, wristbands, 'fros and flattops. Ladies: Thighs of steel on two inch wheels, with striped short shorts to seal the deal."

9/18/2006: Studio B opens. The hipsters, the music lovers, the DJs are pleased as it books acts once reserved for Manhattan.

5/2/2008: The club opens its controversial rooftop.

8/4/2008: At a Greenpoint community board, local residents sound off on Studio B, claiming that they built their rooftop deck without the proper permission required under their cabaret license from the city. They even provide photos that they say "depicted women flashing their breasts on the Studio B dance floor."

8/4/2008: Later that day the world learns that Studio B has been shuttered by the DOB.

8/7/2008: Studio B goes before CB1 and has one last chance to save their cabaret license and gets rejected.

9/30/2008: Studio B announces that it will be reopening within two weeks.

12/19/2008: Gothamist reports that Studio B will close again after their New Years Eve party.

1/20/2008: Studio B, after changing hands, announces that they will in fact, not be closing.

6/15/2009: CB1 asks the state to revoke Studio B's license, saying that "there have been hundreds of complaints against them."

6/25/09: Brooklyn Vegan reports that Studio B is closing once again.

7/8/09: An email newsletter from the club announces the last weekend will feature Flosstradamus tonight, their Saturday roller skating party Down and Derby on Saturday, Tragedy on Sunday night, and as a final goodbye to the neighbors, a Tropical Hotdog Rooftop BBQ on Sunday afternoon.
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— Matt Duckor

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