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Chef Shuffle Non Shockers: Ryan Skeen at Allen & Delancey

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It's rather fitting that one of the flightiest chefs around, Ryan Skeen (this would be his 4th restaurant gig in under two years), has reportedly landed a job at Allen & Delancey, a restaurant that goes through chefs like nobody's business (4th chef in under two years). Mr. Cutlets hears from multiple sources that the young offal-happy Skeen has just sealed the deal to be the head toque at the beautiful but oft-troubled LES restaurant. Not too far of a leap from his last job at Irving Mill really.

While it's hard to agree with Ozersky's assertion that Skeen has landed at "one of the few remaining fine-dining restaurants in the city," it could be a good match for both sides. Or not. Wake us up when there's another chef change over at 115 Allen.
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UPDATE: The official statement: "Allen & Delancey is pleased to announce Ryan Skeen as our new executive chef. We look forward to Ryan bringing his talents to the kitchen and continuing the tradition of exceptional food on the Lower East Side."

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