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The Plywood Report: Second Stop, Recess, and More

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h-bomb/Eater Flickr Pool

Williamsburg: The Feed reports that Second Stop Cafe on Lorimer and Ainsle in Williamsburg is doubling in size in the next month. When they expand into the space next door they plan on adding "a kitchen, a smoothie bar, five more tables inside, four sidewalk tables and eventually, a bar." Restaurant fare to come. [PLYWOOD]

Red Hook: Gothamist shares the breaking news that Delightful Coffee Shop, the Frankies/Stumptown collab just got a paint job. [PLYWOOD]

Greenwich Village: A tipster notices this week that new NYU-area fro-yo joint Recess is getting close to opening in the old Spice space on University. They were giving out free samples two days ago, but as of today it still hasn't opened for good to the public. [POST-PLYWOOD]

Coney Island: Eating in Translation notices that the Uzbek grill Eastern Feast is giving way to Kebeer: "Behind the security gate, a bare-bones renovation notice adds few details, with nary a word about Mrs. Stahl and her knishes." [PLYWOOD]

Cobble Hill: Eat to Blog notes a new restaurant Istanbul Turkish Cuisine (above) will open soon in the old NoNo space. [PLYWOOD]