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Plywood Seaport Special: Cowgirl Hall of Shame Fish Shack

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Seaport: A trip to the waterfront may not sound so appealing this very moment, but it's shaping up to be an interesting summer down by the Seaport. The Pier 17 location of Water Taxi Beach is already up and running and mobbed by tourists, a new farmers market has staked its claim on the area, and two new bars—one on Cliff St. and one on Peck Slip—look to be opening this summer.

And on the restaurant front, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame's new fish shack, which will serve, a Gulf-centric menu "similar to Cowgirl’s, but with a fish-shack slant." We happened by yesterday and took a tour around the space, which could end up being quite the looker with all that exposed brick (as long as they don't go too kitschy with that nautical theme). Workers on site told us they hope to be open by early July.
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259 Front St., New York, NY