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Ballpark Frank: Savoy

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Following the retirement of Eater's longtime BruniBetting feature, our fascination with the Times critic's critical doings remains strong. As does yours, one presumes. Herewith, your help is requested as we Ballpark Frank.

[Always Hungry]

This week, our lame duck critic Frank Bruni checks in on one of the city's oldest greenmarket-centric icons: Peter Hoffman's Soho restaurant Savoy. Why in God's name is he going there you wonder? Well, his three predecessors have all weighed in, and given the rise in the Slow Food movement in the past decade, it's almost Bruni's duty to have his say before he bids farewell. Below, we seek your opinion on what he'll have to say about Savoy. And after the jump: background and critical history on both. [Savoy, NYT, after 8pm]

Background: Given the restaurant is about to turn 20, there hasn't been much chatter about the place recently as more people tend to focus on owner Peter Hoffman's newer offshoot Back Forty or a variety of other haute barnyard creations across the city. That said, it's a beautiful space, and Hoffman is just as involved as he was in '90.

Previous Reviews: Savoy was slammed with a Brian Miller goose egg in '93, three years after it opened. After Ruth Reichl took the reins, she upgraded the spot to two stars in '95. William Grimes made sure to put in his two cents with a Diner's Journal entry following Savoy's '02 remodeling, noting the restaurant finally looked as good as the food. Now it's Bruni's turn.


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