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Signs of Summer: The Escalating Ice Cream Wars

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Last summer, we heard about some heated turf wars between the Good Humor truck and a Mister Softee truck on the Upper West Side. It looks like this year, the rivalry has started anew in Queens:

"An ice-cream truck driver and two cohorts gave a Good Humor operator in Queens more than just a cold shoulder when they threatened to put his business on ice...George Peralta, 27, and his accomplices penned in Ernesto Valverde...then took Valverde's keys and gave a chilling threat, 'Stay off [our] route. We know where you live. We know where you parked the truck...'

Sadly, this kind of behavior is all too common round these parts—and Mister Softee drivers are often named as an antagonizers. Perhaps the Post is right in saying the turf wars have gotten more heated with the dour economy.
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