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Al Fresco Wire: Palace Gate Opens Tomorrow

photo courtesy the Palace Hotel

It will rain tomorrow on opening day, just as it rained last night for the press preview at The Palace Hotel's Palace Gate, but we nevertheless welcome another al fresco drinking and dining option into the Midtown fold. Located in the courtyard of the landmark space—which hasn't been used since Le Cirque left for the Bloomberg building—Palace Gate seats 75, offers a bar food menu ("suckling pig tacos, truffle fries") from Gilt, and summertime cocktails. Of course, since this is the Palace Hotel, they also offer the ridiculousness that is a $50 pitcher of "Palace Punch" and the $30 "Gossip Grill: You Know You Love It" grilled cheese sandwich. Status: Opening tomorrow. 455 Madison Ave at 51st St., 212-891-8100.
— Matt Duckor