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Tracking: The Standard Grill Set to Open in Two Weeks

Meatpacking District: There is one highly anticipated opening that we left out of our round up this afternoon, because frankly, it deserves its own time in the spotlight. That is of course the Standard Hotel's American bistro, helmed by chef Dan Silverman. Reps tell us it's tentatively called The Standard Grill, and it will open "within the next couple of weeks." FOH and BOH staff have been training for over a month to get the place ready to go. As for the sausage court and the glorious roof deck, we'll have to wait until later this summer. For the full plywood spread, see our previous coverage here and here.
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The Standard Grill

848 Washington Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 645-4100 Visit Website

848 Washington St., New York, NY