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Adventures in Public Relations: JoeDoe Strikes Back!

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East Village restaurant JoeDoe made the blogs yesterday when chef/owner Joe Dobias went bonkers on blogger Marc Shepherd after he ran a poor review of the place on his small restaurant blog NY Journal. And, unsurprisingly, that wasn't the end of it. A few exciting updates have come in across the JoeDoe Wire this morning:

UPDATE 1: Eater received an email from an owner yesterday calling us "inconsiderate and irresponsible" for mentioning they were hiring an unpaid intern. For the record, there is nothing wrong with unpaid interns. They should get a whole team of them. We have three here, and they're wonderful.

UPDATE 2: A commenter points out that Dobias is also active on the Yelp. His response to a one star review:

"Yelp sucks for this reason. Uneducated people can post stupid things on here. Pork belly is exactly that, a belly of a pig.....fatty....that is like saying bacon is fatty?? Just silly commentary. Kale was the accompanying vegetable not sure what country kale is condsidered to be spinach. Further the server did not taste the dish bc we change the menu is impossible and extremely costly to tastee every new dish every day. If you liked only the sandwich and the sundae you lack the depth of understanding to appreciate a restaurant like JoeDoe. I think it is unfortunate that people like you offer up sucj harsh critiques....posing like you have a pallete. Please visit another restaurant, preferably one that gives a choice of sald dressing, that is what you need.
Chef JoeDoe"

UPDATE 3: This is the best update by far. Joe Dobias talks to Grub Street. He likens himself to The Chang, calls the attention being paid to DBGB unfair, and says that Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton doesn't respect him. It's worth a read.

Those interns have some work cut out for them. To close, a quote from one Mr. Josh Ozersky: "Anybody who eats at a restaurant has a right to broadcast their opinion. Welcome to America. You don’t need to go to cooking school; you don’t need to have worked in a restaurant; and you don’t need a James Beard Award to do it."
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