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Eater Inside: Gus & Gabriel

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[Krieger, 6/29/09]

Upper West Side: Get excited, UWS. Greek wonder Michael Psilakis opens his long-awaited encore in the old Kefi space, Gus & Gabriel, tonight at 5 p.m. Those familiar with Kefi 1.0 will remember the space is a bit smaller than his other ventures, with room for only 65 seats. Nevertheless, the place looks good, and the theme—affordable gastropub—should do well in the neighborhood (or any other nabe for that matter). Appetizers range from $4-$10, while entrees are $11-$15 and include a range of comfort foods like meatloaf, hot dogs, baked ziti, and grilled cheese. The beverage list has a selection of 50 beers, 70 whiskeys, and, get this, sharable flasks of liquor served at the table. See the full menu below, and send any early reports this way.

Beer Snacks

Hot Potato Chips 3.95
Sour Cream, caramelized onion, garlic & chive dip

Pretzel Nuggets 3.95
Honey mustard glaze

Spicy Pickled Fries 3.95

Onion Rings 3.95
BBQ sauce

BBQ Pork, Cheddar & Jalapeño “Tater Tots" 3.95
Spicy BBQ sauce


American Salad 7.95
Romaine, bacon, hard-boiled egg, carrot, red onion, crouton, cheddar, cherry tomato, red & green peppers

Choice of Dressing: garlic ranch ~ Italian ~
blue cheese ~ roasted tomato, onion & bacon

Chili 6.95
Aged cheddar, scallion, sour cream,

chipotle-scallion-jalapeño corn bread
Buttered Sweet Corn &

Jalapeño Soup 5.95
Crème fraîche, Pecorino Romano, chive

French Onion Soup 6.50
Sourdough crouton, gruyère

Black Bean Soup 5.95
Sour cream, cilantro, avocado

Glazed Pork “Riblets” 7.95
Sherry, honey, molasses

Nachos (for two) 9.95
Chili, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa

Crab & Fish Sticks 7.95
Tartar sauce

Mexi Mac & Cheese 7.50
Monterey Jack & cheddar, jalapeño béchamel, sour cream, salsa

Potato Skins 7.95
Chili, aged cheddar, Monterey jack, bacon, sour cream

Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings 8.95
Blue cheese, celery, carrot


Burger 11.50
French fries

Bacon & Cheddar Burger 12.95
French fries

Smoked Tomato, Garlic Confit & Mozzarella Burger 12.95
French fries

Roasted Mushroom, Caramelized Onion & Gruyère Burger 12.95
French fries

Fried Egg, Bacon, Onion Rings & Gruyère Burger 13.95
French fries

Beef Brisket French Dip 11.95
Gruyère, caramelized onions, beef jus, French fries

Two House~made Hot Dogs 10.95
French fries

Two Chili & Cheese Hot Dogs 12.95
French fries

Meatball “Parmigiano” Hero 13.95
Sautéed onion & bell pepper, provolone, mozzarella, tomato, spaghetti

Grilled Beef Ribs 14.95
Beef jus, mashed potatoes

Meatloaf 11.95
Roasted mushroom & onion, mashed potatoes

Pulled Pork Cuban 12.95
Monterey jack, pepperoncini, pickles, sauerkraut, mustard, French fries

Crispy Fried Chicken 13.95
Biscuits, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes

BBQ Roasted Pork Butt 13.95
Onion rings, coleslaw, mashed potatoes

Hot Turkey Sandwich 12.95
Gruyère, bacon, gravy, mashed potatoes

BLT Grilled Cheese 10.95
Bacon, cheddar, smoked tomato, romaine, mayo

Baked Ziti 11.95
Mozzarella, ricotta, tomato

Fish & Chips 12.95
French fries