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EaterWire: Hardee's Nasty A-Holes, Gus & Gabriel Delayed

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The signage at China Regency restaurant on 55th and 7th

EAST VILLAGE— Please check out the "food porn" pictures on Baoguette Cafe's website. Yes those are otters. Apparently, instead of copying the images to their own server, the restaurant is using the image files that were on Serious Eats' site. SE saw, and changed it. Well played. [EaterWire via @seriouseats]

UPPER WEST SIDE— A vital Gus & Gabriel update from @TheFeedbag: "Gus and Gabriel's isn't actually opening tonight. Air conditioning problems." [Twitter]

GREENWICH VILLAGE— Reports have come in that the Dean & Deluca on University and 11th, which was closed by the DOH a couple of weeks ago, has finally closed for good. Says a neighborhood tipster: "It's over. Dean and Deluca University Place moving store fixtures out of space as we type, 'thank you' signs up, etc." [EaterWire]

AD WATCH— Gawker discovers the food ads are getting more disgusting by the day: "You thought that Hardees' 'Name Our Holes' campaign was the pinnacle of pornographic fast food advertisement? You are correct. 'The A-hole tastes funny,' declares a guy in this ad, for greasy doughballs." [Gawker]

BUCKSWIRE— Hey look, new things for coffee drinkers to ignore: "Starbucks is unveiling a raft of new products [today] that represents the largest food launch in the company's history ... Starbucks will have overhauled 90% of its bakery case." Bonus: some photos of the new products, which include giant marshmallow cubes. [AdAge via Eater SF]