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Ballpark Frank: Bar Artisanal

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Following the retirement of Eater's longtime BruniBetting feature, our fascination with the Times critic's critical doings remains strong. As does yours, one presumes. Herewith, your help is requested as we Ballpark Frank.


This week, Frank Bruni checks in on Terrance Brennan's redo of failed restaurant Trigo, Bar Artisanal. With a price point set much lower than his Picholine and Artisanal and a name chef in Lever House's (RIP) Bradford Thompson, the restaurant does have something going for it. But will it be enough for the Brunz? Below, we seek your opinion on what he'll have to say about Bar Artisanal. And after the jump: background and critical history. [Bar Artisanal, NYT, after 8 p.m.]

Background: The massive, somewhat weird looking space opened as Trigo back in January, and it wasn't all that surprising when it closed down just three months later. Brennan shut it down briefly, changed little about the interior, and rushed to open it up in time for the Tribeca Film Fesitval. Given the servers and chefs were ill-trained due to time constraints, reports of poor service and quality streamed in at the start. But as the months have worn on, more and more positive reviews have been popping up on the blogs and review sites, leading one to believe Brennan might be able to pull this off after all.

Previous Reviews: Not too many of the big guns filed on this one yet, but Time Out's Jay Cheshes gave it a rave, Gael Greene had some nice things to tweet, Easy Ed awarded it a B+, and the Yelpers are decidedly mixed.