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Adventures in Public Relations: The Bellicose JoeDoe

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A note to all aspiring restaurant PR folk: East Village restaurant JoeDoe is seeking an unpaid intern to handle their public relations. And boy do they need one. Back when this Eaters Journal piece ran last year, an incredibly angry email arrived over the tipline from chef/owner Joe Dobias making it very clear Team Eater was not welcome back to the restaurant. Funny then that a similar situation is going down in the comment section of a mostly negative review of the restaurant on the small review blog NY Journal. It starts ugly and just gets uglier. Some highlights:

An excerpt from 1st Comment:

"Marc this is a malicious post based on the fact that you were upset b/c the server told you not to take pictures. What you fail to tell everyone is that is says it clearly at the top of me menu...I would like you to extend me the offer to sit next to you at your job (let me guess something to do with computers?) and then "blog" about how bad you are after you offend my sensibilities. JoeDoe is polarizing, but doesn't deserve or warrant blog posts by angry little men... Lastly, my resto is in the EV the only people who eat at 6:30 on a friday are the dinosaurs they serve at Prune. Do yourself a favor and think before you write your next slapdash piece."
It gets better. Excerpt from 2nd Comment:
"....when you kill yourself for a living like I do, it is very tough to stomach an angry little mans opinion. Who honestly care what you think and further how dare you and the other shithead bloggers. You made your snap judgement on one visit and further as I said you have zero credibility for writing reviews..stop your malicious bullshit and stop this site! YOU ARE NOT A FOOD WRITER AND WILL NEVER BE YOU NASTY LITTLE MAN!!...It is 9:30am time to cook brunch hopefully not for some nasty little bald men like you."
Oh how about one more?
"You are a hapless shameless little person. The fact that you can spend money doesn't make you have valid opinions or statements.......I can say the moon is too big. Doesn't make it so. I couldn't even imagine how to compute the size. Kinda like you. You come in with no training, no schooling, and probably as I always say no real life experience working in a restaurant."
Please click through to read the fight in full.
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