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The Shutter Report: Andrews', La Belle Vie, Panino'teca

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Welcome to the Friday Shutter Report. If you know of any other restaurants that have served their last, please let us know.

2009_06_paninoteca1.jpg1) Chelsea: Zagat reports that La Belle Vie, a French brasserie at 184 Eighth Ave. for nine years, and its sister and connected restaurant Tell Ristorante at 263 West 19th St., have closed: "Tello moved to the Mare space at 198 Eighth Ave., with Mare now gone forever. Connected next door to the new Tello, Alonso’s Steakhouse is still going strong." [Zagat]

2) Carroll Gardens: Grub Street and the Cobble Hill Blog send word that Panino'teca 275 in Carroll Gardens will close this Sunday after eight years in business.

3) Midtown West Urbanite brings the news that Andrew's Coffee Shop on West 34th St. closed without much warning: "Coincidentally, Andrew’s demise comes shortly after a spacious new deli, Bistro, opened up next door. Bistro, with its copious offerings from sushi and pizza to salad, hot and juice bars, instantly made a name for itself...Andrew’s had recently been trying to drum up business by passing out free cookies, offering dinner and lunch specials, and giving away dessert." [AMNY]

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