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Paradise Found: Delicatessen Launches Models Lounge

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Giving up the last pretense of being a locals-friendly/food-focused place, Delicatessen has created a Garden of Eden in Soho that every male in the area will be trying to break into.

Introducing The MODEL LOUNGE, an area inside the restaurant designated for female models only ("no friends, family chaperones, etc."), providing those hard working waifs with a place to hang out, shmooze, and (ha) eat. It's hard not to see it as a set up for some horny teenage comedy, where young boys peek in through a window and see a secret paradise of partially clothed amazonian women giggling and feeding each other cheeseburger spring rolls, giving each other massages, and playfully splashing at one another in a fountain. Oh, and there's free Vans and Pepsi Natural. It goes until Sept. 20, so there's plenty of time to find a way to sneak in. See the full details below:

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 10:18:22

Hello there,

Please see below regarding a NEW lounge for models only, that is opening TODAY! This is for models only, so no friends, family chaperones, etc. let me know if you have any questions.

Here's what your models should know:

* What is the Vans Model Lounge: a place where female models can hang in between castings + shoots, change + prepare for castings, meet-up with other models, dine, kill time, receive free stuff, etc.

* What is Vans:

* When: Begins Thursday June 25th, 12pm to 4pm (Live Female DJ + Massages + Free stuff). Ends September 20th

* Location: Delicatessen - located on the corner of Prince & Lafayette Street (Model Lounge is located in the private lounges)

* Girls should stop by to pick-up their Model Lounge package, which includes their All Access Privilege Card, needed to enter the lounge and receive privileges + gifts. The All Access Privilege Card will also provide models with special privileges at specialty retailers and access to private events and venues including SoBe Summer Friday's, Morgan's Hotel Group, Intermix, Warren Tricomi, OAK, and Bliss Spa.

* Girls will receive Vans bags and sneakers while supplies last (merchandise will go fast)

* Girls will receive free Pepsi Natural, SoBe Life Water, Popchips, ZONEPerfect and Cadbury chewing gum products

* 15% discount on all food at Delicatessen with the All Access Privilege Card

* If models have questions they can e-mail them to
We look forward to seeing your girls tomorrow - should they have time to stop in between castings.

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