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Top Chef Masters Ep. 3: Finally, a Lovable Villain

Jackpot. Jaaaaackpot. That's what Bravo producers must have been thinking when they had their first casting call with Ludo Lefebvre, the LA chef by way of France who appeared last night as the first villain on Top Chef Masters. (See also, a Q&A with him yesterday on Eater LA.) The perfect foil for Rick Bayless' aw-shucks Flanders routine, Lefebvre swore up and down the show (including an awesome "Merde!"), mentioned he is French and a master chef, oh, about 760 times, accused Bayless of copying him, figured judge Jay Rayner had it in for him because he's British, and asked of the judges "Are you sure" when they announced (spoiler!) that he didn't win. Also, subtitles!

Sadly—and this has been the problem with the TCM conceit from the beginning—we'll never get to see him on the show again. Aside from Ludo, the episode was a snooze. A recap and links to coverage elsewhere to follow.

38 word recap: boy next door Rick Bayless, Nancy from Napa, Ludo from LA, Wilo from PR. Color QF. Wilo (orange) leaves on ring molds, still wins. EC: cook offal street food at Universal Studios. Ludo flames out spectacularly. Bayless wins.
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