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DBGBWire: DB Dogs & Piggy Burgers Available at Lunch

Ealier this week, Daniel Boulud's Bowery baby, DBGB, quietly launched a lunch menu with sausages, charcuterie, burgers, mains like skate au pistou and red curry mussels—and a killer $22 prix fixe. No more waiting for 6 p.m. to get a piggy burger and something from the ice cream cart! But on the heels of that excellent Thursday morning news, some disappointments.

Yesterday, Eric Asimov filed a complaint in his Pour column, noting it was difficult to discern anything about DBGB's extensive beer list without the head sommelier around. Eating in Translation was surprised to get his sundae before his appetizer during his $22 prix fixe lunch. And most interestingly, Grub Street offers a account of some fairly heinous (though perhaps unintentional?) upselling.

See what happens when a bartender suggests a fancy beer instead of a mixed drink:

Let's leave aside the weirdness of recommending a beer in lieu of a mixed drink. The thing is, he failed to mention that the pour costs $15 for just half a pint (DBGB's menu lists it as 250 milliliters, to the bewilderment of imbibers who happen to prefer their liquid measured in ounces). That's $3 more than the cocktail we would've been perfectly happy with. And it's $4 more than a bottle of the same beer (twice the size!) at Blue Hill, per Beer Menus.
While on pricing, that buzzworthy piggy burger's now priced at $19—versus $16 when the restaurant opened earlier this month. But to be fair to the service staff and D-Biggity: she's only been open three weeks. Stay tuned for intel on brunch when they get it off the ground.
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