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InstaReviews: Early Word on the La Cense Burger Truck

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Midtown: The new La Cense Burger Truck is only about two hours old but given the love for food carts these days and everyone's predilection towards Twittering, there are already a flood of early reviews:

Per Eater comments: "Line at 11:30 took 30 minutes to navigate, but was slowed down by some larger orders and what looked like the PR person feeding some media folks (though the media folks didn't seem so media to me), Burger is good but not great."

Per the Twitter: @winedanddined: "halfway through la cense burger.prepared one way-looks to be med-med well. beef fairly bland, but fried onions & cheese delicious"

mimofernandes: "#La #Cense was so good! Waited about 25 minutes, due to an obnoxious customer who ordered 20 burgers. However - worth the wait!!!"

@Tenant_rep: "just got done eating two La Cense burgers-pretty good"

@jesuisjuba: "in line for la censen im the only chick! been waiting 20mins... 30peeps deep"

Per The Dash Feedbag: "it’s an excellent burger, but currently being slightly overcooked and undersalted. It’s a coarse grind and has some nice beef flavor, grassy rather than sweet, but it doesn’t really? has a soft bun, sweet sauteed onions, and a significant patty...there’s no nasty sauce or mushy, watery lettuce and tomatoes to wipe off or throw away. One problem though is that the burger didn’t have a strong brown on it."

Per Midtown Lunch commenters: "7 dollars gets you a burger with grilled onions. It was pretty good. Definitely a different flavor since this is a ’steakburger’ and not a hamburger. Not what I would put in the same category as my burger cravings which are for the much softer and fattier ground chuck. You also get a frequent buyer card and 10 burgers = a free one"
· La Cense Burger Truck Hits Midtown Now, Now, Now! [~E~]