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EaterWire: Achatz Book Bought, Kobe Club Vandalized

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BOOK DEALS— Pete Wells reports that Gotham Books has bought Grant Achatz's memoir Life on the Line: "Mr. Achatz had feared that publishers might balk at the dual-voice approach, with passages by Mr. Achatz alternating with others written by Nick Kokonas, his friend and his partner in the Chicago restaurant Alinea...The book is tentatively scheduled to be published next fall." [Diner's Journal; previously]

NOLITA— New Elizabeth St. restaurant Jo's is launching brunch service this weekend along with a new late night menu. Brunch will run $8-15, while dishes served from midnight - 1 a.m. mostly hover around the $9 mark. [EaterWire]

MONTAUK— Last summer, when Sam Talbot's Surf Lodge opened in locals-heaby Montauk, there was a bit of a kerfuffle between the locals and the dolled up and moneyed guests. How about now, Sam?: " my opinion Surf Lodge is a great addition to Montauk. We try to support the town as much as we can. It's a small town with a huge heart, and slowly but surely it's opening its arms to us... well, I hope." [W]'

MIDTOWN— According to a Grub Street tipster, someone threw something through the window of the dearly departed Kobe Club last night and it's now boarded up. [GS]