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AdWatch: Burger King's Pervy Singapore "7 Incher" Ad

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What in the world is going on with burger and sandwich advertising these days? Carl's Jr. has for a couple of years now put scantily dressed beauties—Padma, Audrina, Paris—eating enormous burgers on their ads. Then there's Quizno's recent pervy "toasty torpedo" campaign. But this BK ad in Singapore? They've managed to top their already skanky Burger shots spot. Writes Copyranter, who found the ad: "Nice misogynistic touch making the woman look like a fucking blow-up doll. Note the Photoshopped-enhanced creamy white mayo." Also, a 7'' cheeseburger? Now that just doesn't make sense.
· The New King of Blow Job Ads [Copyranter via Gawker]