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EaterWire: La Bonne Soupe Back on Tuesday, More on Gansevoort Cafe

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— The Feedbag reports that the Gansevoort Cafe in the old Florent space will be owned by major operators The New York City Restaurant Group. Says a rep, "The place will look the same from the outside, but will be completely redone inside. We're keeping the chef, though, so there will be continuity in terms of the menu." [TFB]

MIDTOWN— Bret Thorn shares the good news that Midtown French gem La Bonne Soupe will be up and running soon, three months after a devastating fire: "They’ll be cooking over the weekend and hope to start selling brandade de morou, croques madames and other homestyle French dishes by Tuesday." [NRN]

SOHO— A sad irony. The long shuttered icon Vesuvio Bakery had a brief revival of sorts in a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney ad. Lost City is not pleased: "Independent businesses of long standing...tumble one after another...Meanwhile large, rapacious economy-despoiling money machines like Morgan Stanley prop up the corpses of the same indy shops to push forward further confidence schemes, trading on the integrity and purity of stores like Vesuvio—an integrity a Wall Street brokerage couldn't begin to approach." [GS; LC]