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Sneak Peeks: Gabriel Stulman's Joseph Leonard

West Village: Last week, Vogue got a preview of the kinds of antiques and fixtures that will populate Joseph Leonard, the new project of the former Little Owl FOH man Gabe Stulman. And today, an Eater special plywood preview of the spot, on 170 Waverly, in a former Les Deux Gamins location. The images are still fairly raw, as there's still a lot of work to be done, but there are some takeaways at this early stage.

1) It's important to note just how teeny tiny this place is. Measuring in at only 640 square feet, each of the two dining rooms, formerly separated by a brick wall that Stulman's workers painstakingly disassembled, can barely fit a few tables.

2) Instead of making room for more tables, Stulman decided to make the bar the focal point of the room. Thus it seems to take up more than half of the usual space. The top will be zinc, the sides, lined with antique oak panels. And from how he tells it, the backbar holding all the bottles, glasses, and ephemera will be something worth admiring. The coolest feature: it spans from the lower dining area up a few steps to the raised floor in the second room.

3) Yes there is an open kitchen, and yes there will be two primo bar stools planted right in front of it.

4) No of tables: 7. 7!

5) Stulman has spanned half a dozen states in the last few months scouring antique fairs and old restaurants for material. Those that aren't stored in a cabinet by the front fill up two walk-ins in the basement.

6) As far as the menu goes, either chef Jim McDuffee (formerly of Bouchon Bakery) didn't know what he's going to do, or wasn't want to spill. Given the state of the space, he has some time to figure it out.

7) Projected opening: sometime in August.
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