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Plywood Paging CB 3 Edition: Mary O'Halloran's Bar

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East Village: Back in May, Community Board 3's SLA Licensing Committee spent over 45 minutes complaining about the noise on Avenue A and specifically calling out UES frat bar transplant Aces & Eights for pulling a bait and switch on the board. Imagine how pleased those elderly neighbors will be to hear that Mary O'Hallorans is moving in right next door in the spot of a former quiet sushi restaurant Eshashi.

Oh Avenue A, what has happened to you? Superdive is now holding down the fort on the northern end while Aces and Eights and Mary O'Whomever stakes claim in the south? (Though, to be fair, Ave A has been a shitshow for quite awhile now.)

Not one to jump to conclusions, the Eater operative on the scene reports that the bar—scheduled to open Friday—looks half decent. Also, it's owned by a pregnant lady, so there's that. The pressing question now: Will the two bars knock down the wall between them and have one massive beer pong tourney? One can only hope.
—Reporting by Matt Duckor
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