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Backlashes: Is Van Leeuwen a 'Parasite Truck'?


An interesting item in the inbox this morning:

"I'm gonna start documenting it when I see it, but I think that the Vanwhatever ice cream truck might need to get rebranded the parasite ice cream truck. Saw it across the street from the stupid vegan ice cream spot on Bedford then across the street from Milk Bar one night. Seems like a weird business practice."
That stupid vegan spot on Bedford to which he refers is Penny Licks, the truck, the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck. And thus begins a new chapter of the turf war with the growing army of food trucks now stationed all over the city.

First, news broke of restaurants bullying the Street Sweets truck in Midtown, then the management of 375 Hudson threatening the Wafels & Dinges truck (which is still holding its ground by the way). Now, even the consumers are crying foul. To think it was just a year ago when the turf wars were fought out amongst the vendors.

It must be said that food trucks bring joy and culinary diversity to the city, but when one start poaching business from the Milk Bar, a line has been crossed.
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