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EaterWire: Bungalow Broke, Raine's New Backyard

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FLATIRON— Vogue brings word that speakeasy-style bar Raines Law Room has opened a clandestine 20-person garden, complete with fresh herbs. [Vogue]

CHELSEA— Gawker reports that employees and DJs at Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8 haven't been getting paid as of late. "Many employees are trying to hang on and hope for the best because of the terrible job market, but, he [a DJ] says of Bungalow, 'They're broke and they need to close.'" [Gawker]

BLIND ITEMS— Some cryptic rumormongering from The Dash Feedbag: "Chez Whitey, one of the city’s great bastions of old-school dining, is fading fast into the darkness, and has been offered for sale, along with everything that goes with it, for a fraction of its worth. Its owners at this point just want to be out of debt, and a fire sale, once unthinkable, has now become the reality." [TFB]
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