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Citywide Domination Continues, 17th Baoguette Planned

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FiDi: Dude cannot be stopped. Vietnamese chef and restaurateur Michael Huynh already has three fully open locations of his growing chain Baoguette—the original in Gramercy, the cafe on St. Mark's, and the pho/sandwich shop on Christopher—and is rumored to have plans for two Midtown shops. Now, EV Grieve brings the news that he's opening yet another location in the beloved and recently shuttered Klatch spot on Maiden Lane. Though Huynh's banh mi have been embraced by the other neighborhoods, and FiDi could sure as hell use some more decent lunch options, the die hard Klatch fans will probably not be happy to hear this news. But the rest of you FiDi office workers: rejoice at the alternative to the Subway/Cosi/Au Bon Pain sandwich complex.

It's funny that just a year ago Huynh was known more for his flakiness than his business acumen.
· Baoguette Expands its Empire to the Financial District [EV Grieve]
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