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ExpansionWire: Michael White Looks Downtown

Following up on last week's rave for Marea, which we assume will run in her next Crain's column, Gael Greene gets an exciting tidbit from chef Michael White on his plans for yet another restaurant, just as Marea hits its one month anniversary. No surprises here—this one will not be a fine dining Central Park-adjacent temple to fish. Try cheap and downtown:

"'I want to go downtown to do a late-night place...This is the right time to do it. There are so many spaces, good deals, and more will be available soon.' He’s talking small plates, super casual, late night, wood-burning oven, chunky china, thick bowls, wooden tables, mix and match silverware. 'I’ll do mixed grilled meats like they do in Emilia, and rigatoni for two in a bowl. Want more? You help yourself.'"
The man is unstoppable.
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