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Desperate Times: TOTG Begs Public for Support

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Central Park West: Time to get desperate. As the city's Park's Department moves closer to making a decision on which operator will win the coveted lease to the Tavern on the Green space, current owner Jennifer Oz Leroy has begun a publicity campaign to prove they have the public's support. In addition to launching an online petition of sorts, the restaurant is handing out "Keep Tavern on the Green" bracelets and yo-yos to raise awareness. We doubt the campaign will sway the Parks Dept., but if they don't, at least LeRoy knows she went down fighting.

In other TOTG news, a Times source reveals LeRoy's application to renew the lease includes a plan to relocate the Crystal Room and refurbish the patio.
· Tavern on the Green Seeks Public’s Support [City Room]

Tavern on The Green

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