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Curious Expansions: Ramen Setagaya Hits Flushing

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Funny thing about the East Village's Ramen Setagayas. We've been hearing from the locals that the owner of the US locations, Charlie Huh, is a wee bit overextended, having trouble making rent on at least one of his three Village locations and his other venture Zutto (which was recently seized for taxes). And, we've heard talk that he was looking to sell his interest in the St. Marks location.

But cash strapped or not, the Setagaya march continues! The chain's fourth NYC location opened two weeks ago on 37-02 Prince Street in Flushing Queens. That's right: St. Mark's Place, 1st Ave, University, and....Flushing. We don't get it either, but for more info, call 718-321-0290.
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