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Disaster Report: Late Night Blaze at Moby's Teany

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Lower East Side: According to an alarming disaster report from an LES correspondent this morning, a fire broke out at 90 Rivington, the home of Moby's vegan sandwich and tea shop Teany last night around 2 a.m. Apparently no one was hurt, but we're waiting on damage reports:

"The building Teany is in caught fire last night. 90 rivington. I live at 92 Rivington so it was quite the spectacle on my block last night. Everyone is okay in both my building and 90 Rivington. Five fire trucks a few ambulances and firemen EVERYWHERE! Two of the firetrucks had their ladders extended to the roof of the 5 floor walkups - both mine and the one on fire.
Apparently the fire started on the 2nd or third floor and made its way down to Teanys. I heard the loud annoying horns of the firetrucks and then the smell of smoke coming in through my windows woke me up and I knew something was wasn't right. It happened maybe about 2:10 am or so. They never actually evacuated 92 Rivington, so the fire might not have been too extensive. I'm guessing this is going to turn out like lovely day, where teanys could be closed for a while. And let's all be glad that no one was hurt!!"
Indeed. We'll report back with more news once we get a real assessment of the damage and the uncertain future of those Tempeh BLTs.
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